Meerut: Army-Chief General V K Singh, who is known for perfectly guiding his juniors about their responsibility, is himself getting training on diplomatic relations under a professor in Meerut.

Singh is doing PhD under Professor Harvir Sharma on the topic ‘Rise of fundamentalism in Afghanistan with special focus on Wakhan geostrategy’.

The aim of research is to find out productive ways of strengthening diplomatic relations with Afghanistan in the present scenario.

According to Prof. Sharma the developed countries like USA, Britain and Russia, having a big brother image for the underdeveloped and developing countries, have failed in establishing effective relation with Afghanistan.

While India, on the other hand, shares a healthy relation with the country on international forum.

According to the experts on international relations, the research focusing on bilateral ties between both the countries will lay down a strong foundation of exploring effective means of developing the diplomatic relation to access mutual gains in the coming years.