New Delhi: Expressing his concern on Red Dragon’s activities, a high-end Army General for the first time has confirmed the presence of Chinese troops in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Northern Command Chief Lt General Katie Patnaik’s statement regarding the activities of Chinese troops in PoK came at a time when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is preparing for visiting China.

Patnaik said, “The increasing numbers of Chinese troops along the border and the alliance of China with Pakistan are cause of great concern as they have posed serious menace to the security of India.”

In a seminar, he said the number of Chinese troops is going high in the Gilgit and Bltistan areas. Patnaik stressed that the Sino-Pak relation would affect the Indian security in case any possible conflict between India and Pakistan erupts.

Earlier, after the news flashed in the national and international media in connection with the presence of Chinese troops in the PoK in August 2010, the Central Government said “India is confirming the facts by looking into the information published in the media.”

The military relation between India and China has been on wane thanks to Chinese policies on Jammu and Kashmir. China denied visa to BS Jaswal, Chief Northern Command, consequently the Central government put the military deal with Beijing on hold.