The Army, Defence Ministry, Defence Minister and the Prime Minister all have jettisoned the reports of a suspected military movement near Delhi on January 26 as bogus. According to the army chief the issue has been raked up to malign the reputation of the government and the army. He has also urged strict action against the culprit. The issue has definitely dented the image of the army to a certain extent but it is heartening to know that the people don’t believe that there is any truth in it. Former Army chiefs have also condemned the incident. Despite all this the people still want to know whether there is any truth behind the incident. The fact should come to the fore as the army contingent was asked to retreat to their barracks, a truth not yet denied by the army or the government. Another question that has come to the mind is whether the police was informed about the incident so that the traffic movement could be slowed down? The answer to these question become more important as a message has been passed to the common man that people sitting at the helm of affairs have doubted the motive of the army.

Due to lack of communication gap there can be confusion, but this doesn’t mean that the government begins doubting its own army. No matter how hard the Centre tries to convince the people of its faith in the army chief, their words don’t match their deeds. Had there been an understanding between the army chief and the government this situation would not have come up. The government has to get to the bottom of the entire incident as it raises doubts on the administrative capabilities of the government. The army chief is not the only one to be blamed for the bitterness,the government is equally responsible for it.