London: Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down to play a role in the 'Predator' sequel after disagreement with the producers over USD 250,000.

The former California governor was close to joining the project but didn't due to a dispute over money, producer John Davis has revealed, adding it is possible for more movies to be made in the series, reported Contact music.

'Predator 2' is a follow-up to the 1987 sci-fi thriller in which Schwarzenegger played the role of an army major who rescues Presidential Cabinet Ministers.

"We should've had Arnold in the movie. The deal broke down over USD 250,000, which is a shame. But it was moved from the jungle to the city. You have to create freshness about it," said Davis.

"If we were going to do it with Arnold; it was like, 'Does it make sense to go back and to put him with a young team?' So maybe its 20 years later, you have retired, and you are the one person who has survived one of these encounters.

"Is that a reboot in the fact that you are in it with a group of young guys? Is that a reboot? You just have to figure out a way to reboot it," he added.