Uttar Pradesh: A comprehensive fire arrangement is being made to deal with the risk of fire for six big cities including the state capital.

For this, the government has sanctioned crore of rurees to buy equipments with latest techniques and vehicles. 
According to reports, there will be an arrangement of ambulance with life support system in each city and several underground water reservoirs will also be dugged out.

Though the fire department under Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible to tackle with fire issues in states, it lacks resources.

When the disaster management authority expresses its dissatisfaction over fire services, the 13th Finance Commission has imposed conditions on local bodies to make mitigation schemes to tackle fire.

Besides, the state government has prepared an action plan which is going to be published by Principal Secretary Urban Development Alok Ranjan in the gazette.

Action plan for 2011-2015

The state government has decided the work schedule and the amount of money to be spent in the six cities during each fiscal year.

As per the plan, it has been declared that to strengthen fire services, related municipality has to bear the total financial burden of Rs 52.79 crores after every five year.

Hydrolik platform vehicle (42metre) of 4.50 million will be purchased for Allahabad, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi, Kanpur and Meerut districts. Besides, reservoir, ambulances and other rescue tools will be made available.

Municipal Commissioner will head the committee which is responsible for the purchasing of necessary equipment and vehicles.