Islamabad (Agencies): Pakistan is in a fix due to the mystery encircling the diplomatic status of Raymond Davis who shot dead two men in Lahore but the United States too is in a soup, said a Pakistani daily, since being arrogant will not help the US.

An editorial in the Daily Times on Monday stated: "Pakistan is in a fix. And all because of a man whose diplomatic status is a mystery that has not been solved yet.

"The Raymond Davis case has landed both Pakistan and the US in the soup. Not only have the Americans postponed an important meeting that was supposed to take place in Washington between officials from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US this month, they have also adopted a threatening posture vis-à-vis Pakistan."

Davis shot dead two Pakistanis in Lahore on January 27 after they allegedly brandished weapons. The American has said he fired in self-defence because he thought the two were robbers.

The incident led to a third death when a speeding US consulate vehicle coming to the rescue of Davis overran another motorcyclist. US officials have warned to cut off the $1.5 billion in annual aid to Pakistan if Davis was not released and Washington has put bilateral contacts with Islamabad on hold.

Highlighting that it was "strange that neither the Foreign Office nor the government is willing to tell the truth about Raymond Davis's diplomatic status", it said that the reason why Islamabad was "hesitant in committing itself to anything could be that it does not want to give the religious right any more fodder to further destabilise the political situation".

"Being arrogant will not help the US, instead it will only increase the anti-American sentiment in Pakistan... It is time to act rationally, both by the US and Pakistan."