Artist Viveek Sharma has depicted a painting "Sons of the Soil" displaying the Mahatma showering his blessings on Modi.
"I have been following Modi since the past 12 years. The reason I drew both Gandhi and Modi on the same canvass is because our Prime Minister always talks about Gandhi. Both are cool-headed, unruffled and both belong to the same soil," Sharma said.
The artist, who was present at the preview of the IAF on Thursday, said he would love to gift his painting to Modi and see his reaction.
"It would be the best thing ever if I am able to gift him (Modi) my painting," said the artist who who took two years to finish the painting.
Sharma, had in 2008, the first edition of the fair when it was called the India Art Summit been represented by Beck & Eggeling of Dusseldorf. The German art gallery had sold Sharma's painting of US President Barack Obama standing on his head on a chess board supported by Hindu monkey god Hanuman.
Also at the IAF, Kolkata-based artist Nantu Behari Das has created an installation based on the three wise monkeys, embodying the proverbial principle of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," held dear by Mahatma Gandhi.
Das' installation lets viewer decide on their own interpretation of Gandhi's philosophy.
"I have tried to depict through my work that how, nowadays, people deliberately turn a blind eye to the problems surrounding them. They choose to ignore and live in denial of reality," Das said.


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