Leading the charge, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the ‘tax terrorism’ and "policy paralysis" were the buzz words during the Congress regime and the Narendra Modi government's challenge is to change that atmosphere.

"They were a liability on the economy of this country, when they were in power.They want to continue to be a liability even when they are in Opposition," Jaitley said alleging that the opponents of the government are making all efforts to discredit it.

Lauding the 75-days' functioning of the BJP government, Jaitley, who presented the political resolution of the crucial meet, said that while the BJP leadership humbly accepted the mandate ‘Congress is not able to digest its worst defeat’.

"Their scramble for the post of Leader of Opposition, their opposition to the bills which they had presented during their tenure and disruption of Parliament shows their inability to accept the people's verdict," the resolution, which was passed without discussion due to "paucity of time," said.

Attacking it on corruption issue, the senior BJP leader accused Congress of carrying out ‘institutional subversion’.

He said that while the UPA government persistently refused to set up an SIT to unearth the black money, this was the first step Modi government took immediately after taking over.

Jaitley also chose the occasion to hit back at the Congress its allegation that the NDA government lacked ‘depth and seriousness’ on foreign affairs issues and hailed the Prime Minister's visit to the BRICS summit, Bhutan and Nepal as the one which marked strong international presence of India on the world map.

Crediting Modi's ‘very important role’ in the historic mandate to the BJP, the party resolution said that it reflected people's pledge to "get rid of the 10-year-old rule of the non-performing and corruption riddled Congress-led UPA government.

The resolution assured the people that the government will keep up its good performance and will redeem the pledges given to the people in a definite time frame.

"We have many challenges on the national and international arena. The Government has started on a positive note. It is focusing on education, health, agriculture, water, irrigation, infrastructure, urbanization and overall job creation.

"Skilling India is a major scheme of the government. The Government has just completed 70 days. People have trust in the Government and are in support of it," the resolution said.

The National Council of the Party wants to reassure the people of this country that the Government will keep up its good performance and its decisions would benefit 125 crore people of the country.

"It will redeem the pledges given to the people in a definite timeframe," the resolution said.

The party appealed to people to become partners in progress.

On price rise, the resolution said that Congress-led UPA government had promised to contain price rise within 100 days but after coming to power they not only raised their hands but throughout its regime failed to take adequate and concrete steps to contain price rise.

"Even as prices of essential commodities went up, the Congress virtually remained a mute spectator. The failure of the Congress to rein in inflation resulted in the people showing them doors," it said.

On the other hand, soon after coming to power, the BJP Government has shown its earnestness to check inflation by taking strong measures to stabilize prices of essential commodities, the resolution said.

"The National Council extends its whole hearted appreciation to the Government for having able to contain price rise during such a short period and expects that it would maintain a hawk's eye on the prices of essential commodities to make necessary intervention," it said.

The resolution claimed that a veritable shift has come in the work culture in the ministries after the NDA government took charge.

"A new sense of accountability has been instilled in the bureaucracy. Transparency in various departments has been ensured. Instilling of this new work culture has inspired the bureaucracy.

"Also the steps taken by the Government for the speedy disposal of files and steps to enhance cleanliness in government establishments are praiseworthy. This National Council hopes that it will bring encouraging results in government functioning in the future," it said.

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