"It certainly calls for introspection of those who either perpetuated this falsehood or became victims of this propaganda. I have always believed that falsehood falls apart and truth holds together. There can hardly be a better illustration to substantiate this belief than what is stated above," he said on Tuesday.

Jaitley, who is the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, noted that it was a misguided mob, comprising members of one community that had set the train compartment on fire in Godhra but a ‘fraudulent attempt’ was made by a section of media and certain NGOs.

He said that a leading national newspaper in the first week of March 2002 published an alleged "interview" of Modi seeking to establish he was rationalizing the violence in Gujarat, quoting him as saying that every action has a reaction and the post-Godhra violence was one such reaction.

Jaitley said Modi maintained he had never given any such interview and no reporter from the newspaper had ever met him for the interview.

He said the Gujarat government's statement wasn't published in the next 20 days by the newspaper and finally appeared in the ‘Letters to Editor’ column with a clarification that the ‘interview was 'created' on basis of comments and replies of the Chief Minister which had appeared on certain electronic channels’.


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