Education Minister Tapang Taloh introduced the bill, aimed at rationalizing transfer and posting of teachers, on July 7 last. Appreciating the constructive suggestions of the members, Taloh said that the state government had taken a revolutionary step to improve the quality of education. “Through the bill, the Department is going to serve the common interest of the people,” he added.

Home Minister Tanga Byaling expressing concern over the attitude of the teachers who do not like to go to their posting places and instead stay at district headquarters, suggested to stop payment to such teachers.

Opposition Leader Tamiyo Taga participating in the discussion cited that 40 percent of the MLAs were new comers and unaware of the principal act as it was not supplied to them along with the bill. Charging the minister as incompetent, Taga alleged that Taloh affected transfer of peon to officials in the Department by paralyzing the established system.

BJP member Tage Taki alleged that the system headed by Chief Secretary is defunct and suggested the government to allow the system to function without interference. Congress MLA Gabriel Denang Wangsu while pointing out that government teachers posted in rural areas appoint substitute to go there and themselves stay in the district headquarters, stressed on political will to make the defunct schools functional and ensure that mid-day meals are served.

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