Delhi/Moradabad: In a new twist to the case of national level volleyball player Arunima Sinha, the Government Railway Police has said that she might have either attempted suicide or met with an accident but she was not attacked by robbers.

"The investigations point out that Arunima was disturbed and she either attempted suicide or met with an accident. We will unravel it in the next few days. The loot attempt as alleged by her was not corroborated in the investigation by any of the witnesses on or off the record," said A K Jain, ADG, Railways.

The most plausible reason for Arunima to attempt suicide is her divorce with her husband and his family’s refusal to accept her again, believes the Railway Police. The latter has found out a link between separation from her husband and her train accident.

It has come to the surface that the night when Arunima met with the accident, she was in Lucknow trying to make peace with her in-laws but was let down. Disappointed after the refusal, she boarded a train to Delhi. These facts were known to the Railway Police when her call detail was traced.

GRP also met Arunima’s mother-in-law and came to know that she got married in November 2010 to Robin Chitravanshi. But soon after the marriage, problems erupted leading to filing of divorce by Arunima in December 2010.

Later as a compromise between both the parties in Lucknow Women Police Station, it was decided that both would live separately. The in-laws also informed the Railway Police that they had paid Rs 4.29 lakh to Arunima as maintenance amount.

On the accident night (11th April), Arunima reached Lucknow and met her in-laws who refused to take her back. After this, she boarded a train for Delhi from Chaarbagh Railway station. According to the GRP, Arunima planned to come to Delhi to meet Navnet Mishra residing in Noida which was detected from her call details as she had made a call to the latter.

When GRP contacted Navneet, he informed them that he had met Arunima in Allahabad while he was pursuing his MCA. It is being understood that she must have faced rejection from Navneet as well which made her depressed leading her to commit suicide on her way to Delhi via train.

GRP, in its investigation is following this trail and looking into the case.

However, Arunima has dismissed the police version saying she was being "mentally harassed" by the police. "Some persons had tried to snatch my chain and one of them hit me on abdomen...and I fell," she said.

When asked how she had landed 16 feet away from track, she said, "I was not so far. But I don't remember whether my foot came under Padmavati Express or some other train." She also stated that she was not going to appear in the ITBP exam.

Besides losing her leg, Arunima had also sustained injuries in her spine and pelvic area. The police had lodged an FIR under Section 307 (attempt to murder) and Section 393 (attempt to loot) against unidentified persons.

Meanwhile, the doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, where she is undergoing treatment, will conduct another two rounds of surgery on her in next few days to reduce infection on her amputated leg before performing operation for other injuries she has suffered.

"Since she has responded well to the treatment for the infection in her amputated leg, we have decided to conduct another two sittings of vacuum assisted closure (VAC) wound therapy. Once the wound heals, we will analyse the right leg," said Dr M C Mishra, CMO, AIIMS Trauma centre.

The VAC therapy is a process in which a device, having low intensity suction pipes, is attached to a wound to drain out infected fluid.