New Delhi: Activist Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday claimed that the recent CBI raids in companies related to coal block allocation were staged, a charge denied by Congress.

Kejriwal tweeted, "received a mail from an officer in one of the raided companies. They were informed two days in advance about raids and were asked to remove all materials.

"CBI raids on coal companies were an eyewash?"     

The CBI has filed cases against five companies and charged a number of officials with criminal conspiracy, cheating and intention to commit a crime and had conducted raids.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari denied the allegations, terming it as "extremely irresponsible".

"If at all the person who has articulated such an argument has evidence, I think it is incumbent upon him to put it in the public domain.

"If he has just shot from the hip, then it is appropriate that the statement should be withdrawn, because it neither serves the cause of public discourse, nor the cause of responsibility, to make such irresponsible utterances," he said.

Congress leader Jagdambika Pal said, "Given the kind of statements Kejriwal makes every day, I believe that even this time, he has done the same to mislead the country."

In a statement, Kejriwal-led India Against Corruption (IAC) claimed that it stands vindicated on the issue of coal mines allotment scam and instead of taking up "cover-up" exercise, the UPA government should order an impartial probe by SIT headed by three retired Supreme Court judges.

"The CBI stated it had begun a preliminary enquiry into the matter. We had immediately made it clear that the CBI would be forced to cover-up and bury the entire scam.

"This had become clear there and then, with the CBI saying that its role was confined to finding out whether the private companies which were allotted mines, committed any irregularity," it claimed.

The statement claimed that IAC came to know that the companies which were raided on Tuesday in connection with the coal mines allotment scam were "tipped off in advance so that they could destroy all evidence against them".

"This has been revealed to us by a whistleblower, and we have consciously decided to make it public while taking full responsibility of our statement. We are consciously not revealing the identity of the whistleblower as he would be victimised," the IAC claimed.

Reacting to Congress' statements, it said they were on expected lines.

"All attempts by the government to cover-up have miserably failed and rather than attacking those exposing such scams, the UPA government should atleast learn some lessons and order an impartial probe by SIT headed by 3 retired Supreme Court judges into the entire matter and stop using intolerant language against the CAG," it said.


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