New Delhi: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Sunday accused Arvind Kejriwal of having "basic instinct to malign Sonia Gandhi's family" and asked him to stop using the national flag during his protests for "political purposes".

Rejecting Kejriwal's allegations against the Congress President's son-in-law Robert Vadra about his business deals with DLF and over the functioning of Law Minister Salman Khurshid's NGO as "baseless", Singh said that after being "exposed" by Anna Hazare, who parted ways with him, the IAC activist-turned politician was looking for a political space.

"After being exposed by Anna Hazare, Kejriwal is looking out for a political space, which he is trying to occupy by either connecting a disconnected electric connection or making false allegations against Vadra and DLF and now (on Khurshid’s trust) on basis of some sting operation done by a channel and finally leading an agitation to the Prime Minister's home," the AICC leader said.

Singh said, "There are a few questions, which Kejriwal should be answering himself, which at some point of time I would like to bring in public domain." He, however, declined to state what were those questions, saying they will bebrought out at appropriate time.

Asked about the controversy surrounding the trust run by Khurshid's wife and Kejriwal pitching for the resignation of the Law Minister over the issue, Singh shot back asking, "Has an FIR been filed in the case? The matter is under investigation.

"Once something illegal is found by the state and the central government, naturally an FIR will be lodged. Has an FIR been lodged? Khurshid has already said that he is going to take Kejriwal to the court," he said.

Asked about Vadra-DLF business links, Singh said that the issue of Vadra and his business deals with the realty major is "confined to the two private individuals" and, therefore, the "government has nothing to do with it".

On senior ministers and party leaders defending Vadra against Kejriwal's allegation if the matter was between two private individuals, Singh said, "It was not in defence. It was against the basic intent of Kejriwal to malign the name of Congress President Sonia Gandhi's family."

Singh said that "now that he (Kejriwal) has floated a political party, he should not be using the Indian flag. He is no longer a non-political person. He should not be using national symbol for political purpose."

He said that he was surprised the way the media has given a "hype" to "allegations made without substance."

"Both DLF and Vadra have come out with point-wise replies to Kejriwal’s allegations. Kejriwal has made two demands – a white paper by Haryana government and a judicial inquiry by a sitting judge.

"Kejriwal himself has come out with allegations of nexus between Haryana government and DLF and quoted a High Court order. The matter is now in the Supreme Court and there is already a stay in the case. Therefore, there is no need for a judicial inquiry because it is already in the Apex Court," Singh said.

"Secondly, Haryana government has already come out with facts. If there is a need, the state government can come out with a white paper," he said.

Suggesting a political motive behind Kejriwal’s allegations, he said that till now he has been targeting only the leaders of Congress or those associated with Congress leaders.

"Let us see what he does on October 16 against BJP chief Nitin Gadkari and with what expose he comes out against BJP Chief Ministers of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh," Singh said.


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