"The biggest problem is that these parties use black money to give bribe, distribute alcohol, and buy tickets. I am saying take money but don't vote for them. This is not bribery," Kejriwal told reporters here.

"In a few days these parties will realise you don't get votes by distributing money. This is how cleanliness will come in politics. So I am saying, take the money, don't vote for them, in a few days these parties will realise there is no point in giving money, votes cannot be bought anymore," the former Delhi chief minister said.

"What is crime? Crime is if someone takes or gives bribe. What is bribe? If I say take money from me and vote for me. If there is an exchange, it is bribe," he said.

Kejriwal, in a public meeting, had appealed to people to "accept money doled out by both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but cast votes for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)" in the Delhi assembly elections on February 7.

The comment attracted flak from opposing parties and a notice from the Election Commission -- which called it a violation of the model code of conduct and asked for an explanation.

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