New Delhi: Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday met senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury on the Lokpal issue ahead of the Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting to finalise its report on the anti-corruption law.

After the meeting, Kejriwal said they expect that the final standing committee meeting will agree to Team Anna's suggestions.

"Prime Minister, Citizen charter and CBI should come under its ambit," he said.

Team Anna was disappointed over the Committee's draft report on Lokpal Bill. They criticised the exclusion of judiciary from the ambit of the ombudsman while opposing inclusion of NGOs and media in it.

Separately speaking, activist Kiran Bedi expressed hope that the Committee will respect the Resolution of Parliament and the Congress party ensures that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's letter to Anna Hazare is honoured.

"Is Parliament Resolution of August 27 and the Prime Minister's letter confirming to Anna about three assurances a piece of paper or national promise?" she said on Twitter.

"Its amazing to see how a resolved issue by Parliament and committed by PM is back for discussion?. Do Indians not honour commitments?" she asked.

Hazare had yesterday termed the draft report by the Committee as a "betrayal" of countrymen as it sought to keep the lower bureaucracy, judiciary and Citizen's Charter out of the ambit of Lokpal.