New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal has said that he will launch his political party on Monday. Replying to queries, Kejriwal invited people to join his party in large numbers.

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“Presently our experts are working on 30 different subjects to prepare a framework for the proposed political party. We will invite people's views on the draft framework soon," he said.

Kejriwal was noncommittal about contesting the forthcoming elections in Delhi. His first reaction was "I won't contest".

He then corrected himself saying: "I don't know whether I will contest or not. My party will contest the elections."

When asked why he did not take his allegations to a logical conclusion, Kejriwal replied: "Neither am I the director of CBI, nor the chief justice, nor the Prime Minister, how can I investigate? "

The courts do not investigate, the courts hear cases, it's the CBI which investigates, and the CBI acts under the government's directions.

"Even (my colleague) Prashant Bhushan who used to approach the courts has stopped doing that." The anti-corruption activist said that although it had existed for 50 years, the CBI had managed to send only three big politicians to prison Narbahadur Bhandari, Sukh Ram and Bangaru Laxman.

"It's not that the CBI doesn't have competent officers but they are not allowed to work due to political interference. Has anybody the courage to order the CBI to probe Robert Vadra?" Kejriwal asked.

Asked about the probes done into scams under the court's supervision, Kejriwal said: "Suresh Kalmadi was sent to jail, and he soon came out on bail, because the CBI did not oppose his bail application. Then what can the judge do?"

Kejriwal said he was ready to face defamation cases if his disclosures about offshore accounts in HSBC Geneva branch were found to be false.


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