02:01 PM: PM Modi cocludes speech at Ramlila Maidan.

02:01 PM: "If you like creating anarchy, go to the jungles and join the Naxals," says PM Modi

02:00 PM: Those who are masters of sitting on streets, dharnas please give them that work. We can run good government, give us this work: PM

01:59 PM: Anarchists, those who take to sidewalks and hold dharnas cannot be given the power to rule: PM Narendra Modi

01:58 PM: Elect a government with full majority. A year has been wasted in Delhi. Punish those who wasted this year for you: PM Modi

01:57 PM: Have you ever seen a leader that openly admits that he is anarchist and that he believes in this practice of anarchy? : PM Modi

01:56 PM: The people will defeat those whose politics are based on lies: PM Modi

01:55 PM: Modi is not someone who will stab others in the back. Do not trust the lies they keep spreading: PM Modi

01:54 PM: No need to waste time on those whose campaigns are based on lies: PM Modi

01:52 PM: Corruption must go, a cleaning must begin from the top: PM Narendra Modi

01:50 PM: My dream is every slum dweller in Delhi should have a house of his own by 2022, when India will complete 75 years of Independence: PM

01:48 PM: I have a dream, would help me in making it come true? PM Modi

01:47 PM: I have a dream, I need your support to fulfill it : PM Modi

01:46 PM: As you choose your service provider for phone, we will introduce a system where you can choose whom you want to buy your electricity from: PM

01:44 PM: We want to make Delhi free from generators. When that happens Delhi will also be free from the polluted air: PM Modi

01:43 PM: I assure you that I will facilitate 24 hours supply of electricity: PM Modi

01:42 PM: Around 11 crore people have opened bank accounts until January 10th under the Jan Dhan Yojana: PM Modi

01:41 PM: "BJP is breaching traditional divides and is working only for development," PM Modi

01:40 PM: Rs 8500 crore were deposited in banks by the poor during the process of their zero-account-balance account openings: PM

01:39 PM: Look at huge heart of poor of nation, they opened up bank account with Rs 5 or 10 even when they could have opened accounts with zero balance: PM

01:38 PM: On 15th August, I announced that we will bring the poor to banks, there was a lot of fuss and banks were apprehensive. But we were fixated :PM

01:37 PM: It clearly shows, who used to work for rich and who is working effortlessly to address issues of the poor of nation: PM Modi

01:36 PM: I feel proud in saying that around 11 crore people have opened bank accounts till 10th January under Jan Dhan Yojana: PM Modi

01:35 PM: Did you ever see a poor standing inside a bank during Congress' regime? PM Modi

01:33 PM: What did the common people get in UPA regime? Poverty increased despite slogans to end poverty: PM Modi

01:32 PM: The mood of the nation is the mood of Delhi: PM Modi

01:31 PM: I've been told several issues were left pending. Issues of the poor were unsolved: PM Modi

01:30 PM: Today, the youths of the nation are waiting for their future with immense hopes and aspirations: PM Modi

01:29 PM: It is an example of how work can be done if you really have intentions of working: PM Modi

01:28 PM: "We deliver on our promises," says Modi addressing his first rally in Delhi after taking charge as PM.

01:27 PM: I was surprised to know that our Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu has as much knowledge about Delhi as much he has about Hyderabad or Vijaywada: PM Modi

01:26 PM: BJP has achieved a historical success in J&K, I'm grateful to people of the state: PM Modi

01:25 PM: I would like to extend my greetings to people of J&K for reposing their faith in democracy and voting in large numbers: PM Modi

01:24 PM: PM Modi kicks off the poll campaign in Delhi as he takes the stage at Ramlila Maidan

01:23 PM: PM Narendra Modi addressing the rally at Ramlila Maidan.

01:20 PM: It is time for Delhi to decide between false promises and the BJP: Amit Shah

01:19 PM: If opposition thinks they can restrict the nation's development by stalling Parliament, they are wrong: Amit Shah

01:18 PM: It is time for Delhi to decide between false promises and the BJP: Amit Shah

01:16 PM: We have issued ordinances on land acquisition amendment & increase of FDI cap in insurance, BJP will never divert from dev agenda: Amit Shah

01:15 PM: When AAP formed a government, they came to this same place on a metro rail. I want to ask them, do they still travel by metro? : Amit Shah

01:14 PM: If opposition thinks they can restrict the development of nation by hindering smooth functioning of Parliament, they are wrong: Amit Shah

01:12 PM: UPA did not retaliate to Pakistan over ceasefire violation. Now NDA is giving befitting reply to the neighbouring country: Amit Shah

01:10 PM: The issue of black money is a complex one, not entirely in the hands of India, Modi ji raised the issue at all appropriate forums: Amit Shah

01:07 PM: An atmosphere of despair was replaced with an atmosphere of hope. We are a party that fulfills our promises: Amit Shah

01:05 PM: We said we will bring back black money, we cleared proposal of setting up SIT for same on 1st Cabinet meeting after coming to power: Amit Shah

01:05 PM: BJP said we will emphasize on skill development and we have set up a separate Ministry for the same, after coming to power: Amit Shah

01:00 PM: The fuel prices have come down for more than 10 times in seven months, ever since BJP came to power: Amit Shah

12:57 PM: We raised many issues & made promises during election campaign, now that we have formed government at Centre, we are working on all of them: Amit Shah

12:55 PM: The year 2014 will be known as 'Vijay Varsh' for BJP in the history of nation: BJP president Amit Shah

12:55 PM: People come to listen to PM Modi, AAP's allegation carries no weight: Amit Shah

12:50 PM: BJP president Amit Shah addressing the rally at Ramlila Maidan.

12:50 PM: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis addresses the rally at Ramlila Maidan.

12:48 PM: Satish Upadhyay says we are confident of winning Delhi polls.

12:47 PM: The development of Delhi is not possible without Haryana and Haryana's progress is not possible without Delhi: ML Khattar

12:45 PM: Haryana CM ML Khattar addressing the rally at Ramlila Maidan.

12:40 PM: PM Modi likely to announce several key schemes for the national capital ahead of polls.

12:35 PM: Delhi is the heart of the nation, It is a mini-India and BJP is committed for the development of the state: Venkaiah Naidu

12:30 PM: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu speaking at the rally.

12:30 PM: PM Modi reaches Ramlila Maidan will address the rally shorty.

12:27 PM: Jitendra Singh MoS, PMO addresses the rally at Ramlila Maidan

12:05 PM: PM Modi likely to arrive at Ramlila Maidan at 12:30 PM.

12:05 PM: Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan speaking at the rally.

12:01 PM: Union Minister Jitendra Singh & Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das at Ramlila Maidan.

12:00 PM: Union Ministers Venkaiah Naidu, Piyush Goyal, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis and Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar reach Ramlila Maidan.

11:45 AM: Amit Shah arrives at Ramlila Maidan.

11:37 AM: One lakh people expected to attend PM Narendra Modi's rally today.

11:35 AM: Udit Raj addressing BJP rally at Ramlila Maidan.

10:40 AM: Crowd gathered at Ramlila Maidan for PM Narendra Modi's rally.

10:30 AM: PM Narendra Modi to address a rally in Delhi, heavy security deployment at Ramlila Maidan.

10: 00 AM: Preparations underway ahead of Modi's rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

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