01:15 pm: These are baseless allegations, she has no facts, why did Jayanthi Natarajan kept quiet then? : Shobha Oza

01:12 pm: Lost count of the no. of times I asked for an appointment to see Rahul Gandhi: Jayanthi Natarajan

01:10 pm: Natarajan welcomes any probe into the environmental clearances given during her tenure, says it will give her an opportunity to explain her

01:07 pm: Don't know how many times I asked for an appointment with High Command/Rahulji, didn't get one. When I was miserable, what do I do?: Natarajan

01:05 pm: My pain is that my name has been tarnished and I had done no wrong:  Jayanthi Natarajan

01:03 pm: PM Modi had spoken of Jayanthi tax, let it be investigated now that he is in power: Jayanthi Natarajan

01:02 pm: If my own party has done this to me, why should I blame Narendra Modi: Jayanthi Natarajan

01:01 pm: 100 days before elections (Lok Sabha) why was I removed? I still have no answer to it : Jayanthi Natarajan

01:00 pm: I totally refute and deny that allegation: Jayanthi Natarajan on being asked about reports of being blackmailed

12:58 pm: I followed rules, did as my party told me, was never told by Rahul Gandhi I was holding up enviornment projects, as was told by him in FICCI: Natarajan

12:57 pm: I have absolutely no plans of joining any party: Jayanti

12:56 pm: I am ready to be hanged if I am found guilty of any wrongdoing: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:55 pm: I was not given party work and removed as spokesperson: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:54 pm: Want to uphold the legacy of my family, my integrity, I only did the right thing for my country, committed no wrongdoing: Jayanti

12:53 pm: The day after I resigned, on Dec 21, Rahul Gandhi addressed FICCI to declare environment  will no longer be a bottleneck: Jayanthi

12:52 pm: Madam Sonia Gandhi told me not to go to the media: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:51 pm: Today I announce my resignation from primary membership of Congress: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:50 pm: Have done no wrongdong, if anyone can prove this I am willing to be hanged, willing to go to jail

12:49 pm: I have been faithful, loyal servant of the party, utter loyalist of Gandhi family, have no shame in saying this

12:48 pm: To which he replied, I’m a little busy right now, will call you, but he never did: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:47 pm: "When I wrote a passionate email to Rahul Gandhi, about the FICCI speech, I got a reply from him: I am a little busy"

12:46 pm: My issue is with national High Command, not with the state unit, I was never given an appointment with Sonia Gandhi: Jayanthi

12:45 pm: I was asked to launch an attack on PM Modi regarding Snoopgate issue. I said we should attack him on policy: Jayanthi

12:44 pm: Around November 17, when I was on a tour, ! received a call from Ajay Maken asking me to come back to Delhi: Jayanthi

12:42 pm: Some large projects like Vedanta, Nirma, Adani were blocked by me as they could harm the environment as per party line: Jayanthi

12:41 pm: When I was made Minister of Environment, my party line was to follow Indira Gandhi's vision to protect environment at all costs: Jayanthi

12:40 pm: I've had to face the anger & wrath of all my colleagues in the military and Cabinet over several issues: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:37 pm: Without a single blemish I have served the party, I served country and the party to the best of my capabilities: Jayanthi

12:36 pm: It’s not the same Congress anymore: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:35 pm: It is extremely painful moment for me because Congress blood flows in the veins of my family: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:34 pm: Time to rethink Congress association, says Jayanthi Natarajan

12:33 pm: It is a moment of anguish that I have to rethink my association with the Congress party: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:32 pm: I acknowledge that I wrote the letter that appeared in the news papers today: Jayanthi Natarajan

12:30 pm: Jayanthi news conference begins

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