06:48 PM: Salman waves at his fans and supporters from his residence

06:45 PM: Actor Salman Khan arrives at his Mumbai residence

05:50 PM: Salman Khan leaves Registrar's office after signing the bail bond of Rs 30,000

05:47 PM: He reaches Registrar's office

05:43 PM: Salman Khan to furnish fresh bail bond of Rs 30,000

05:40 PM: Salman surrenders before the Sessions Court

05:35 PM: Salman Khan reaches Sessions Court in Mumbai

05:30 PM: Shrikant Shivade, lawyer of Salman Khan, reaches Sessions Court

03:40 PM: Baba Siddique, a close friend of Salman, said: We have complete faith in Indian judicial system

03:10 PM: Celebrities including actor Anupam Kher, actor Ajay Devgn, actor Emraan Hashmi, director duo Abbas-Mastan visit Salman's house

02:50 PM: Salman Khan's legal team at Sessions Court

02:40 PM: Salman fans burst crackers and dance outside his residence

02:30 PM: Sweets being distributed outside Salman's residence

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02:20 PM: If you have money and if you are powerful, you can continue drinking and driving: Neelam Katara

02:00 PM: Even if you eliminate name of Salman khan and take it as any other person, no ground existed to decline bail, says Majid Memon on Court's order

01:59 PM: Majid Memon says, "There is no question of Salman’s non-appearance in future. He has deep roots in society."

01:30 PM: Salman Khan to furnish fresh bail bond in Sessions Court shortly

01:30 PM: Salman Khan leaves residence for Sessions Court

01:20 PM: Anu Malik reaches Salman khan's residence

12:59 PM: Lawyer Abha Singh says, Salman Khan will have to come to Sessions Court and execute fresh bail bond today

12:55 PM: Lawyer Amit Desai requests to return Salman Khan's passport

12:50 PM: Anupam Kher reaches Salman Khan's residence

12:47 PM: Salman Khan's fans celebrate outside his residence in Mumbai

12:45 PM: High Court suspends the sentence. Court says, "First he has to go to trial court to execute fresh bail bond as his interim bail is ending today."

12:42 PM: Salman Khan gets bail from High Court

12:38 PM: Accused Salman Khan should first surrender, then appeal for fresh bail: Judge Abhay Thipsay

12:29 PM: Salman left the accident spot that night, says Sandeep Shinde

12:23 PM: Salman was arrested at 11 AM next morning: Prosecution
12:20 PM: Public Prosecution objects to suspension of sentence

12:06 PM: Fan attempting suicide rushed to hospital

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12:05 PM:A fan of Salman Khan tried to attempt suicide outside Mumbai High Court

12:00 PM: Public Prosecutor Sandeep Shinde now argues the case

11:50 AM: Amit Desai concludes his argument

11:41 AM: Altaf was the one who was driving the car that day: Amit Desai

11:40 AM: Prosecution has not proven that Salman was driving the car, says lawyer Amit Desai

11:29 AM: Amit Desai: Sessions court ignored fourth witness's statement. Kamaal Khan was present in the car and thus his statement was crucial.

11:24 AM: Judge Thipsay seeks witness Ravindra Patil's statement

11:15 AM: Amit Desai asks the judge for some time to let papers reach the court

11:14 AM:Salman Khan's appeal for a hearing accepted

11:12 AM: Salman Khan's lawyer Amit Desai arguing his appeal

11:10 AM: Salman Khan filed appeal against his conviction

11:08 AM: Proceedings begin for Salman Khan's bail plea in court number 21, court room fully packed

11:04 AM: Justice Abhay Thipsay to hear Salman Khan's bail plea in court number 21 shortly

11:02 AM: Salman Khan's trial lawyer Shrikant Shivade reach court for hearing

10:58 AM:Fans converge outside Salman's home ahead of his bail hearing

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10:53 AM: Advocate Abha Singh, Public Prosecutor Sandeep Shinde present in courtroom

10:51 AM: Salman Khan's lawyer Amit Desai reaches HC for Salman Khan's hearing

10:38 AM: Salman Khan's sister Alvira Khan reaches HC for Salman Khan's hearing

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10:25 AM: Bail is matter of right. In such cases, bail is usually given: Waris Pathan, First lawyer of hit&run case

10:10 AM: Salman's close friend Baba Siddique reaches Bombay High Court for hearing

10:00 AM: Sentence is five years and appeal would take some time, until then there is no need to keep the appellant in custody: NCP leader Majeed Memon

9:50 AM: High Court is very powerful. It can alter or reduce the charge after the appeal has been heard: Lawyer Abha Singh

9:32 AM: I lost my leg in the accident. But punishing Salman will not achieve anything for anyone now: Abdullah Sheikh

9:30 AM: I got compensation from the court, not from Salman Khan: Abdullah Sheikh, Victim

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9:15 AM: Advocate Amit Desai will appear for Salman Khan's bail application in Bombay HC on Friday

9:00 AM: Security tightened outside Salman Khan's residence in Mumbai

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