11:40 AM: With a song "Sun Mitwa, tujhko kya darr hai re" from the movie Lagaan, the event comes to an end.

11:35 AM: "I support India as a permanent member of UNSC," concludes Obama

11:34 AM: "I am the 1st US President to visit India twice, but I will not be the last. We believe in the people of India and their promise," says Obama

11:32 AM: We are not perfect countries, have known tragedies & triumphs, have faced lot of challenges but our two nation hold the key to progress: Prez Obama

11:31 AM: India takes pride in people like Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Kailash Satyarthi, no dearth of talent in India: US President Obama

11:30 AM: "Our diversity is our strength, we have to guard against the lines trying to divide us, sectarian or any other lines," says Obama

11:28 AM: India will succeed so long as it is not splintered on religious lines: Obama

11:27 AM: Obama, further says, "The peace we seek in the world exists in the human heart"

11:26 AM: "The girl who commanded the Guard of Honour, its a sign of great pride & strength," says Obama for Wing Commander Pooja Thakur, who led the ceremonial guard of honour for Obama on his arrival in India

11:25 AM: Nations are more successful when their women are successful: US Prez Obama

11:24 AM: Obama says, "In US we are still working to ensure women get equal opportunitties, in India its the wives and mothers who hold the family together"

11:23 AM: We live in countries where a grandson of a cook can become President & son of a tea-seller can become PM: US Prez Obama

11:22 AM: We appreciate India's effort for generating more clean energy: Obama

11:22 AM: In diverse nation like ours, progress depends on how we see each other: US President

11:21 AM: "My grandfather was a cook in British Army in Kenya, when we were born, people like us still couldn't vote in many parts," says Obama

11:20 AM: "We would want a United Nation Security Council (UNSC) that includes India as a permanent member," pitches Obama

11:19 AM: A world without nuclear weapons, that should be the goal for us: Obama

11:18 AM: As India wants to build better infrastructure we want to be 1st in line: US Prez Obama

11:17 AM: Obama speaks, "US welcomes a greater role for India in the Asia Pacific"

11:16 AM: American wants to be India's partner as you protect the health of the people & the beauty of the nation

11:15 AM: Obama says, "The world would be a lot safer when our two democracies stand together"

11:14 AM: US has the largest Indian diaspora in the world, they tie us together: Obama

11:13 AM: He also invoked Mahatma Gandhi

11:11 AM: Obama quotes Swami Vivekananda saying, "More than a hundred years ago America welcomed a son of India-Swami Vivekananda."

11:10 AM: Senorita...bade bade deshon mein...you know what I mean: Barack Obama

11:08 AM: Last time we celebrated festival of lights in Mumbai, danced with some children, unfortunately we couldn't arrange dancing this time: Prez Obama

11:05 AM: Relationship between US and India can be one of the defining partnerships of the century: Obama

11:03 AM: "Bahot Dhanyawaad," says Obama thanking Indians for once again calling him to India

11:01 AM: Barack Obama starts his speech by 'Namaste'

11:00 AM: Obamas reach Siri Fort Auditorium

10:58 AM: President Obama to speak on India and America: The Future We Can Build Together

10:50 AM: Over 2,000 people waiting for speech by Barack Obama

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