3:11: pm: When I say "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas" I want your "saath" too: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

3:11: pm: One God resides in all and that is what we believe: PM

3: 10: pm: My government has only one religion...India First: PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

3: 10: pm: I want to tell you our commitment, My Govt has only one ideology...its "India First": PM

3: 10: pm: Possibility of every community blossoming is something possible in India, we are unity in diversity: PM

3: 09: pm: We all must join hands together to fight against poverty, irrespective of our religions: PM Modi

3: 09: pm: No matter what religion, everyone needs to join hands to fight poverty: PM

3: 08: pm: For the first time after Independence,the treasury of Centre and States is 38% & 62% respectively, this is empowerment of States: PM Modi

3: 07: pm: Political differences are giving way to poison between communities: PM

3: 07: pm: For the first time after Independence,the treasury of Centre and States is 48% & 62% respectively, this is empowerment of States: PM Modi

3: 06: pm: Money from coal auctions will go to the states, they will have more money than their budget: PM

3: 05: pm:We must develop the States for development of nation, we must empower states for the strength of the nation: PM Modi

3:04: pm:I speak about cooperative federalism,have to make our states stronger.To make country strong, self-sufficient, have to begin with states: PM

3:03: pm:Railway projects need to be in sync and balanced: PM

3:02: pm: There is great scope of development in the North East. It can become organic capital. Thats why I am visiting the Northeast very often: PM

3:01: pm :We are working with the "Act East" policy in our mind: PM

3:00:pm:I will publicly give credit to those who proposed the act, It's just an effort to correct the mistakes: PM Modi on land ordinance

2: 55: pm :I am ready to amend every tenant which you believe is not good for the farmers: PM Modi

2: 53: pm: I have been a Chief Minister too, so I know what it feels: PM Modi

2: 52: pm:I work keeping in mind the interest of states and their Chief Ministers : PM Modi

2: 50: pm: In an era of co-operative federalism can we become arrogant? Should we not listen to the CM of all the States: PM in Lok Sabha

2: 50: pm: We knew you were passing the bill in haste for political gains yet we stood by you. But did it take 120 yrs to find flaws in the law?: PM

2: 49: pm: We knew you were hurrying passage of the bill for political gains yet we stood by you. But did it take 120 yrs to find flaws in the law?: PM

2:48: pm: Lot of discussion is going on land acquisition. When the act was made we walked shoulder to shoulder with you: PM in the Lok Sabha

2:48: pm:For 60 yrs farmers lived with the law that was made in 1894, if farmers suffered who is to be blamed?: PM

2: 46: pm:There is a need of 4.5 lakh toilets in schools, out of which 1.5 lakh new toilets need to be built, yhis work will be completed by June: PM Modi

2: 45: pm: We announced Jan Dhan Yojana on 15th August, we completed the project well in time: PM Modi

2:42:pm: Our retired Govt employees are supposed to give proof of their living for pension, can't we change such systems? PM Modi

2:40: pm: There’s an old saying,‘lies, damned lies & statistics’,the #EconomicSurvey is a statistical gimmicky: Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M)

2:39: pm: We should encourage our farmers for soil testing, this will also increase employment opportunities for youth in laboratories: PM Modi

2: 38: pm: We must make our farmers understand that before harvesting crops from mother earth, we must also ensure if our land is in good condition: PM

2: 37: pm: We talk a lot about farmers, but shouldn't we find ways to address issues of farmers? PM Modi

2: 35: pm: No one should think we are talking about black money because we are vindictive: PM

2:32:pm: Iss raste se hum bhatakne wale nhi, aur koi iss se bachega bhi nhi, hum vaada karke aye hain: PM Modi

2:31: pm: Want to congratulate Arun Jaitley that he coordinated with Swiss banks and now we can get information from them: PM on black money

2:30: pm: SC directed to form SIT on blackmoney,wasn't formed for 3 years even after SC's ruling, we passed proposal in our 1st Cabinet meet: PM Modi

2: 28: pm:Why was an SIT not formed on black money when SC asked?: PM Modi

2:27: pmI think its a great achievement that we got the nation talking about black money: PM Modi

2:26: pmI want you all to guide us and we should together find ways to combat this serious problem (corruption): PM Modi

2:25: pm: I believe corruption free services can be developed, everyone needs to work together to fight corruption: PM in LS

2:25: pm: It is prerogative of party,so party has done it.No comments: Mukul Roy(TMC) on reports of his removal as Chairman of TMC parliamentary party

2:20: pm: There have been positive discussions on many issues in this session: PM Narendra Modi speaking at Lok Sabha

2: 16: pm:Many issues have been discussed, even members of opposition put forth issues: PM Narendra Modi

2: 16: pm:I am sure many people think about "what could/should have been": PM Modi

2:15: pm : Expectations are essential because they mean that you believe that a solution is possible: PM Modi

2:15: pm : Many Parliament members must have felt, this should have happened, I take these expectations in a positive manner: PM

2: 14: pm:Some must have felt that this was our program, you just changed name,I believe you shouldn't criticize this,you should rather feel proud: PM

2: 14: pm:I heard it said that "previous projects have been picked up and their name changed: PM

2: 13: pm: Issue is important, names of projects are not important. The problems have been the same: PM

2: 13: pm: I believe the issue is the problem, name of the program/project is not the issue: PM Modi speaking in LS

2: 13: pm: When I speak of Swachta Abhiyaan I keep in mind the poor who fall sick due to dirty or unhygienic surroundings: PM

2: 12:pm: Cleanliness is a major issue, it is about our mindset, It's our responsibility to ensure cleanliness: PM Modi

2: 11: pm:We should focus on the issue rather than what name the project is going with: PM Modi

2:10 :pm: Naam ye rhe ya wo rhe, iss se upar uth kar, samasya na rhe uss par kendrit hum rahenge: PM Modi speaking in Lok Sabha

2:08:pm:We must rise above what should be the name of project and see to it that issue is addressed: PM Modi speaking in Lok Sabha

2: 07: pm:Aapne ab tak jo kia mai uska abhivaadan karta hun, ye desh ab tak ke sabhi Pradhanmantriyon aur sarkaron ke yogdaan se aage badha hai: PM

2:06: pm:This has been built by farmers, rishis, saints, munis, not the Govt. Its the public that form the nation. Ideologies may change: PM

2:06 :pm: This nation has progressed and moved ahead with the contribution of all the Govts and PMs that have governed the nation: PM Modi

2:05: pm:History is a witness, Congress never lost with such a margin: PM Modi in LS

2:03 pm:Land acquisition lekar maidan mein aye the, itni kam seats Congress ki kabi nhi ayin, agar act kisaano ko pasand ata, to aap jeet te: PM

2:01 pm:My political sense says never end MNREGA, because MNREGA is a reminder of your (Congress) failure: PM Modi

2:00: pm: Meri rajnaetic sooj bhoojh kehti hai ki MNREGA band nhi hona chahiye, kyunki MNREGA aapki vifaltayon ka jeeta jaagta samarak hai: PM Modi

2:00: pm:If we all join hands and decide we will combat corruption together, our nation can be corruption free: PM Modi

2:00: pmThe bureaucracy does not get an opportunity to prioritize, we are making efforts so that our Govts are policy driven: PM Modi