He also warned that the movement for attaining freedom will intensify in the coming days, forcing India to give up Kashmir.

"Jihad is the duty of an Islamic government...there is a government in Pakistan and it has always taken the stand that it is the right of Kashmiris to attain freedom.

"I say what our army will do to secure the right of the Kashmiris is jihad....We extend help to Kashmiris alongside the  the Pakistani government....we call this jihad," he said in a TV interview.

Addressing a rally in Faislabad district of Punjab on Friday, Saeed protested the violence in the Kashmir Valley over the past few days following the killing of two youths by the army in Tral in Pulwama district.

"I have firm belief that more the Indian government suppresses the voice of Kashmiris, the more there will be reaction. The freedom movement in (Indian administered) Kashmir will further intensify in coming days and eventually India will have to give freedom to Kashmiris," he asserted.

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