President Mukherjee could not help but share these thoughts at the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Chambers of Commerce here, as he said in a light hearted manner, "It is expected that others will speak and I shall listen."

Explaining the dilemma in accepting invitations to address gatherings like annual general meetings of business chambers, the President said these meetings are generally addressed by persons who are policy makers and those who are in the position to influence the policies of the government.

President Mukherjee said these persons are in a much better position to explain the policies of the government.  

"My difficulty is just two years ago I was an instrument, an important player in formulating the policy which is still being debated, which is still being commented upon... But the Constitutional responsibilities and duties and the office which I am holding hardly can I speak on any of these issues," the President Mukherjee said with a smile.

President Mukherjee during his political career has headed the major Ministries -- Finance, Defence and External Affairs besides heading the Planning Commission and being an active member of the Congress whose advice was much sought after on every important issue.

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