Amritsar: What can be more humiliating for a sportsperson representing the national side in an international event than to find Ashok Chakra, which is regarded identification pictogram of the team, missing from the official kit?  It was a bitter reality which the Indian participants had to come face to face during the World University Competition held in China.

A contingent of 67 participants of India went to China to take part in the international event. On being asked for a reason as to why the name of the participants were not imprinted on their kits, a senior official accompanying the participants in the game said that the kits were made available at a very short notice.

To the surprise of the participants, they came to know about this only when they reached China. In order to participate in the event, they had to get the Ashok Chakra imprinted on their kits in China itself.

The Under Secretary of the Association of Indian University, Gurdeep Singh said, “The reason behind the major lapse is that the team got very less time for the preparation.”

Notably, when any Indian team is sent on an international tour, the sign of the Ashok Chakra on the kit is a mandatory requirement.