New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday hit out against his Gujarat and Tamil Nadu counterparts saying that forums like the internal security conference should not be used for "cheap popularity" and they should show restraint and elegance in language.

"The participants should use language of restraint in such forums of national importance and these forums should not be used as a platform for political speech.”

"This is not correct. The language used by the CMs of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu was not correct," he said in his speech at the conference on internal security.

Gehlot said that such instances were being witnessed for quite some time and the speakers use disrespectful comments which cannot be called decent.

He said that such national forums should be used to project the legitimate problems of respective areas and the dialogue should be such that it brings out good results.

"To make such forums a platform for political issues is not a good tradition and this does not do any good either to the states or the country. Such things send a wrong message to the country and issues of national importance are relegated to the background," he said.

He added that all those who doubt the internal security preparedness of the country should not aim at cheap publicity through the media but think about national interest first.

"Because of this, the views expressed by the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the opinion formed during the conference does not get the required place in media reportage," he said.