London: Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is reportedly splashing out USD 9,000 a week on a brand new luxury mobile home.

The 33-year-old actor, who replaced Charlie Sheen in the hit TV sitcom 'Two and a Half Men', will be moving in to the plush new trailer while filming the series, according to reports.

The 'No Strings Attached' star is said to be running his production company from the mobile home.

The lavish trailer has a 60-inch plasma TV, a bedroom, two bathrooms, a working kitchen, conference area and more than 1,000-square feet of space spread across two floors.

The actor, who will portray broken-hearted internet billionaire Walden Schmidt in the sitcom, is said to have settled in well on the sets of the show.

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore even threw a party for the cast and crew when the first day of filming wrapped earlier this month.

"He jokes with the crew, has no tantrums, he comes in well-studied in his lines - it's such a nice change. So far there have been no issues and everyone is really happy with how it's working out. Nobody is missing Charlie right now.

"Ashton and Demi were both cute together and friendly with everyone. Everybody is loving Ashton on the set. He's really coming off like a cool low maintenance guy, and with everything that went down with Charlie everyone is breathing a sigh of relief," a source said.