Last month, the party had replaced Garg and fielded Charanji Lal Gupta as the AAP candidate from the Rohini seat for the Delhi Assembly polls.
During the meeting, Garg and his supporters allegedly heckled Ashutosh and told him to answer their "questions". "He was prepared to run. He brought some goons on stage. What was he scared about? He should have the courage to hear the truth," Garg alleged.
However, the party played down the incident with Ashutosh later, saying there was some commotion but "nothing serious about it".
"Yesterday, I had gone there for a meeting and my colleague and (former) MLA Rajesh Garg was there. He was denied a ticket so he was angry and he was with his supporters. He tried to do some 'hungama' and some commotion, nothing serious about it," Ashutosh said.
"When he was getting a little bit more uncomfortable, I tried to avoid the situation and left the scene," he added.

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