Beijing: Asian countries should have their own version of Facebook and Twitter to expand the region's influence, a Chinese official said on Tuesday.
Asian media groups should use technical innovation to enrich their communication channels and have their own versions of Facebook and Twitter to expand the region's influence, Cui Yuying, deputy director of the State Council Information Office said.
"Compared with Asia's increasingly vital role in the world economy, the influence of Asian media groups on the world stage is very much disproportionate," Cui said at the fifth 10+3 Media Cooperation Forum at Chana's Changchun city on Tuesday.
China banned Facebook and Twitter but permitted microblog services, akin to Twitter whose numbers crossed over 300 million, constituting the world's biggest microblog network.
Cui said that more than 80 per cent of news comes from major Western media groups while their Asian counterparts, lacking "a strong platform and authoritative status," have to rely on the Western media to obtain information.
The forum, jointly organised by the Beijing-based People's Daily and the Jilin provincial government in northeast China, was themed "Asia's Voice & Values: How Can Media Promote Peace, Harmony & Cooperation."


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