"We will display Korea's past and future by combining the characters and identities of Korea with its digital technology," said South Korean film directors Im Kwon-Taek and Jang Jin, who are joint directors of the Games, in a statement.

The theme song of the Games, featuring over 10,000 athletes from 45 countries, is "Dream of 4.5 billion People, One Asia".

Entertainer Kim Seong-Ju and KBS emcee Yun Su-yeong are to host the Opening as well as the Closing Ceremony scheduled on October 4.

Gangnam style performer Psy and pianist Lang Lang would be among those to regale the jam-packed audience of 62,000. Leading Korean musicians like gugak performer Ahn Suk-seon, soprano Jo Su-mi, cellist Song Yeong-hun and violist Richard Yongjae O'Neill are the other notable names to adorn the opening ceremony.

A girl with a hoop will start things with a performance connecting the past, present and future of Asia, according to the Games organising committee's official magazine.

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