In a bid to give Asian players more opportunities to make money out of sport at the initial phase of their careers, the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) had recently announced the launch of the ATT, which will begin with back-to-back events at DLTA in New Delhi starting April 18.

A comparative study of the ATT events with ITF Futures, the lowest-tier events on professional Tour, reveals that even the first round loser in ATT tournaments is set to earn more.

If a player in two USD 5000 events loses even in the first rounds, he will earn a minimum of USD 650 while a first round loser in USD 10,000 ITF Futures gets only USD 146.

"We want to help low-ranked players in all Asian nations. It has become so difficult to sustain in the highly competitive world of tennis. They can't make money unless they move to big tournaments and our Tour will serve as a springboard for them," Manpreet Kandhari, ATT Executive Director, said.

"It's a win-win situation for the Asian players, who can't make money unless they move up in rankings," Kandhari added.

The ATT has two events: USD 5000 and USD 7000  and in both, they have a separate USD 2000 allowance for the players, to be distributed equally to all 16 main draw players.

The title winner at USD 10000 ITF Future gets USD 1224 as prize purse and if a player wins two ATT events of USD 5000 each, he will earn USD 2050. He is earning USD 826 more. It's a huge incentive for a player.


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