The study revealed that Aspirin kills cyclooxygenase which prevents production of the prostaglandins that cause inflammation and pain. It also prompts the enzyme to generate another compound that speeds the end of inflammation, thus returning the affected cells to homeostatic health.

Researchers found that that the  macrophages contain the biochemical tools which is not just essential to initiate inflammation, a natural part of the immune response, but also to promote recovery from inflammation by releasing 15-HETE and converting it into lipoxin as the inflammation progresses.

One of the researcher’s Edward A. Dennis said “aspirin causes the cyclooxygenase to make a small amount of a related product called 15-HETE and during infection and inflammation; the 15-HETE can be converted by a second enzyme into lipoxin, which is known to help reverse inflammation and cause its resolution which is a good thing.”

The study was published online in PNAS.

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