Congress ward member Bonti had a quarrel with her husband after she gently kissed on Rahul’s cheek. In a fit of anger, her husband set her on fire, resulting in her death, reports claim.

After burning Bonti to death, the man also set himself in flames and is now admitted to a nearby hospital in a critical situation, suffering 40 percent burn injuries, reports said.

The police have launched an investigation into the matter and no official statement has come out yet. It is also not clear whether the burning incident has any link with the kissing episode.

On Wednesday, Rahul was warmly welcomed by women party workers in Jorhat, Assam, where he was on a tour aimed at reviving his party’s kismet.

During the visit, ladies swarmed around Rahul, showering gentle kisses and pecks on his forehead and cheeks, leaving him embarrassed.

Rahul has been visiting parts of the country these days in an attempt to raise the morale of Congress’ party workers and to set his party’s agenda straight in front of the public, keeping the upcoming general elections in mind.


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