London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy for a year has slammed the Australian government for having abandoned him.

Assange said that the Julia Gillard government bent over more than any other country in the world to publicly satisfy the US. He said that the duty of the government was to protect an Australian organization and its citizen, but it did the exact opposite.

Assange is critical of Gillard because she had initially labeled him a criminal and had ordered probe into WikiLeaks and the former attorney general Robert McClelland had considered to cancel his passport and charge him with treason.

He  further attacked the government and called it even worse than US to have abandoned him, and hoped that the coming elections would lead to a clean out of the Australian Labour Party ( ALP) starting with Julia Gillard and her cronies.

Assange who is heading the WikiLeaks party, is aiming to run Senate candidates in Victoria, where he'll lead the ticket, NSW and Western Australia in the 2013 election.


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