Meerut: The recent investigations by Income Tax Department and financial intelligence unit, working under the Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank of India, has revealed that most of the MLAs in Uttar Pradesh have increased their assets hundred times in the past four years.

According to the report, movable and immovable properties declared by the legislators of western UP during last Assembly elections have shown hundred-fold increase after the review.

The MLAs and their relatives have several accounts with different banks. Besides, they also hold immovable properties in different parts of the state.

In the probe carried on direction of Central Election Commission in the wake of 2012 Assembly polls in the state reveals that as many as 41 MLAs, several members of Legislative Council and 12 members of the Parliament have shown an unprecedented growth in their assets.

According to the sources from I-T department, notice will be issued against these MLAs and MPs, and strict actions will be taken in case they fail to give substantial reply.