Hardware innovations have evoked the interest globally, like a foldable bicycle that can be very useful in densely populated areas or a solar powered camping tent that will light your camping site during night. Unfortunately, these products are neither available in India nor you can purchase them with Indian currency online.

Take a look at these trivial products and I can bet you can't resist them pulling off the shelves.

Laser Keyboard
Virtual keyboard can be accompanied with handheld devices

Solar powered camping tent
This will help you light your tent during night and you don't need to burn logs to light camping site

Kitchen safe jars
These jars can only be opened at pre-set time that will help you bring down your crunching habits

Self-stiring mug
No need to carry spoon everywhere to dissolve sugar as per your taste. Thanks to these self-stiring mug

Bike folding into backpack
This innovation can help you clamber rough terrains. It is a boon for mountaineers


Connect thermometer with Phone to get instant health advice

LeD faucet

It makes hot water appear red and cold water appear blue

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