"Whatever happens in my private life... it would be wise if you do not breach the decorum," Irani said here in reaction to the said reports.
According to media reports, Irani and her husband paid a visit to an astrologer in Bhilwara in Rajasthan on Sunday.
The reports said that she spent about four hours with the astrologer, who is believed to have told her that she would one day become the President of the country.
Reports said that the astrologer had earlier predicted that she would become a Minister when she had been a struggling actor.
"I have a right over my private life. As a Minister, whatever is my action and programmes... you have every right to ask me questions,”  she said.
"What I do in my personal life, which religion I believe in, who I worship, where do I go or meet whom is not the responsibility of the media," she added.
She also quipped that "if you (media) continuously attack me and make fun of me to increase your TRP and finance, then I consider myself fortunate".

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