New Delhi: Now less than 24 hours are left for the high-voltage WC final between India and Sri Lanka and the astrologers say that luck favours the hosts and Team India will definitely win the coveted title on Saturday.
"M.S. Dhoni`s stars are shining bright. He is in his 30th year and is very lucky for him. Dhoni`s `lagna` (ascadent) is Virgo. Rahu, mercury are also in operation. Ketu `dasa` entered on March 29. Ketu is yogakaraka or significator. Due to this he won against Pakistan. Same configuration will be there on April 2 too. His stars are better than Sangakara and it means India Will win. Match will be well-fought by both the teams," astrologer Ajay Bhambhi said.

He added: "Sri Lanka will win the toss and will make a total of more than 300 runs, which will not be a difficult task for Indian team to chase."

 Bejan Daruwalla, another known astrologer, said India has the capability to win the coveted trophy. "I am not god, but I feel India should win," he said.

Prem Kumar Sharma said: "We defeated Australian team, which is three time world champion. They were strong oponent as compared to Sri Lanka, so I feel India has the potential to win the world cup."

Sri Lanka and India made it to the final after beating New Zealand and Pakistan respectively in the semi-finals.

The final match will be played in Mumbai`s Wankhede Stadium.

India and Sri Lanka have met seven times in World Cups. Sri Lanka leads the win-loss record 4-2, with one no-result.
 Astro-mumerologist Anupam Kapil says that in terms of performance Sri Lanka will be stronger, "but the numerology suggests that as a nation India will win the cup."

"Middle order batsmen of team India might not play very well and Sachin Tendulkar and Virendra Sehwag will have to pull it off. Lasith Malinga`s bowling will be a threat. It`s a must for India should play all the 50 overs...," he added.