Scheduled to hit the market later this month, the new ASUS smartphone will have 3X optical zoom with industry-leading camera features, the company said in a statement yesterday.

Designed to be a photographer's delight, the new device will be equipped with an unprecedented hardware technology for the clearest and sharpest images ever captured through a smartphone.

Some key features of the new smartphone are a 13 MP primary camera with 3X optical zoom, laser auto focus and 10 lenses with OIS for better image quality. It will also have a high performing quad-core processor with a 4 GB RAM variant in a sleek, stylish form.

ASUS' ZenFone smartphone range has consistently set new benchmarks in photography. It has clutter-breaking technologies like PixelMaster cameras that capture every shot with stunning clarity. The range also has laser auto-focus that enhances image stabilisation and low-light mode that increases light sensitivity by up to 400 percent for no-flash low-light shots.