"The PC market is slowly showing signs of decay as the world is moving to a cloud first, mobile first platform. At Asus, we believe in riding the current technology wave and hence in our research and development we are focusing more on devices like convertibles that will provide more productivity and connectivity on the go," Jonney Shih said on the sidelines of the Zen Festival where Asus launched three new phones and showcased some tablets.

"The trend is to get to a convergent device that will replace all other devices and make it easier for the easier. Having said that, mobile computing is still behind compared to PC-like experience," Shih said.

Further explaining, he said: "As the world is adapting to the IoT platform, Asus is driving research to put devices on consumers' hands that will allow free them from the curse of owing different devices for different purposes."

Asus drives nearly 4.5 percent of its revenue into research and development which nearly amounts to $650 million. AsusTek, which 13,600 employees and 4,500 engineers, closed the financial year 2014-15 with a revenue of $14.5 billion.