Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said at least 3 km (2 miles) of land was affected by the landslide in the village of Haldummulla, 192 km (120 miles) from the capital, Colombo.
"So far, 14 dead bodies have been recovered and more than 250 people are missing," Amaraweera told a private television channel.

"Seven lines of houses, which has about 70 houses, 10 shops and three official residences, are hit by the landslide."
Sri Lanka military deployed to rescue landslides victims

Army has been called to assist in rescue and relief operations after hundreds were reportedly trapped due to landslides in Sri Lanka's central hill areas.
Disaster management officials said three bodies were recovered with over 200 people still trapped in the central hill area of Haldumulla in the district of Badulla.
They said at least seven lines of houses of Indian-origin tea plantation workers was destroyed by the landslide.
The area has been experiencing incessant downpour since Tuesday.
Rail network also came to a halt in the upcountry line as earth slips blocked the movement of trains on railway track.

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