London: If you want to use public facilities in Mumbai, you are required to stand in queues .This is a common thing which you must have seen in Hindi films where people are shown standing in queues in front the toilets situated in chawl area of Mumbai.

But don’t be surprised if the same episode is being repeated in the London Olympics this year.

Those visiting the Olympic Games village are facing lots of problems in using public facilities available here as they are in inadequate numbers in comparison with the athletes coming to the games village. What is most distressing is that a single bathroom is being used by at-least four people. Interestingly, the number stunningly goes up to six sometimes. This has compelled some of them to change their daily routine also.

As per an Indian official deputed here said that the Britishers who are always ahead of others in displaying their anger over inadequate arrangement of things during games are facing very difficult times at the venue. However, another official asserted that things have not come to such a pass. But sometime what happens that if any player stays in bathroom longer, he earns the wrath of other players waiting for their turn.

A boxer from Indian contingent while recounting his experiences of XII Commonwealth games held in New Delhi in year 2010 said that apartments were comparatively better there in comparison with here. He further said that at-least players were not forced to stand in queues before bathrooms there.

One of the players of Australian contingent and also the hockey coach of the country’s team, Rick Charles worth has pointed fingers towards inadequate facilities available here.

He further said that his team is scheduled to play three matches at 8.30 AM as per the draw of the games and it is natural for the players to face difficulties in getting to the bathrooms as they have not been installed here in sufficient numbers. Such a situation has arisen as players are required to start packing up by 5’clock in the morning so that they could reach the games venue before the scheduled time.


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