Baghdad: A wave of bomb attacks in four different provinces across Iraq killed at least 30 people on Thursday, security officials said.
Bombings in and around Baghdad killed 17 people, an Interior Ministry official said, while bomb attacks in the northern province of Kirkuk left nine people dead, high-ranking police officers said.
Three more people were killed in bombings in Samarra in Salaheddin province, a commander of a local anti-Qaeda militia and a police lieutenant colonel said.
And in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed a police officer in the provincial capital Baquba, an army officer said.
It was the deadliest day in Iraq since March 20, when shootings and bombings claimed by Al-Qaeda front group the Islamic State of Iraq killed 50 people and wounded 255 nationwide.
Violence in Iraq has fallen sharply from its peak in 2006 and 2007, but attacks still continue across the country. In March, 112 Iraqis were killed, government figures showed.