Lucknow: Even though the investigators have not found any Uttar Pradesh link to Delhi and Mumbai blasts as of now, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is looking for clues in the state and is interrogating suspects on a large scale.

The ATS squad is engaged in regular checking of hideouts and searching for suspects.

The ATS has become more active after an Indian Mujahideen e-mail that claimed to blow up a shopping mall in the city.

During a press conference on Friday, Special DG police Brijlal said, “Right now we have found nothing in connection with the Delhi blast but our teams are active.”

On Friday, the ATS held many suspected youth in different areas of the state and released them after questioning.
According to sources, the ATS has divided the state into four zones and separate teams are combing the demarcated areas and doing a follow up on National Investigation Agency’s feedback.

“There are attempts to conceal the facts but the matter will surface soon,” Brij Lal said while replying to question on Varanasi blast, which took place last year.

Meanwhile, investigating agencies held a man in Meerut on Friday whose face resembled to that of the sketch released by the Delhi police and interrogated him till late night.