Lucknow: The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) might have achieved success in nabbing culprits who make international calls through fake SIM cards, but it is yet to reach the roots of the racket.

Till now, ATS could manage to get information that Mumbai residents Hameed Baksh and Mohd Noor are operating this racket from Saudi Arabia.

The police got hint of the racket when in 2006, two youths from Azamgarh started a PCO business who were clandestinely making conference calls in the Gulf countries.

After the police followed their flourishing business, they tapped the phone calls made from PCO and found out that people in Chennai and other cities were talking in gulf countries through conferencing.

However, the police did not pay much heed to the matter.

ATS in January this year nabbed four people from Gomtinagar who had made ISD calls worth Rs 44 lakh through a satellite phone on BSNL SIM card.

After interrogating Babloo, who was arrested by the police, the ATS found out that he travelled abroad 80 times.
It was also revealed that BSNL employees might be a part of it.

After thorough investigation it was also found out that people behind this racket were spreading it in different cities.

They buy post paid connection of different companies and talk to people in Gulf.

The squad had recovered Rs 65.87 lakh from Safaat Siddique who was arrested in Hasanganj police station area of Lucknow.

According to an ATS official, investigations are on in all cases and we are engaged in finding connection to the underworld.