New Delhi: The blast in an Israeli embassy car was not a failure on India's part but a reminder that people would have to be vigilant at all times, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna said on Tuesday, a day after the incident in the heart of the Indian capital.

"By a single incident, we cannot generalise and say India has failed. Incident of this kind can happen in any part of the world," Krishna said.

"This is a reminder, yet another one, that we should be vigilant... people will have to be vigilant, police will have to be vigilant," the minister said.

He said India had friendly relations with all countries and would not give any "judgement" till a report from intelligence agencies.

"As far as we are concerned, we have an excellent relationship with Israel... and we would certainly like to keep that up; at the same time we have good relations with others also," Krishna said.

"The investigations are on. Until we get an assessment from the investigating agency, it will be extremely difficult for us to pinpoint who is responsible for this attack, so we will hold our judgement till we get a report," he said.

If Israel has some information, it would be shared with India, the minister added.

Israel has blamed Iran for the attack in which three Indians and an Israeli embassy staffer, the wife of the defence attache, were injured.

Another attack was foiled in Georgia after an embassy staffer in Tbilisi discovered a bomb underneath his car as he was driving to the embassy on Monday morning.

Iran has rubbished Israeli accusations about its alleged involvement in attacks on Israeli personnel in India and Georgia.

Bustle back at Israeli embassy car blast site

A day after an Israeli embassy car carrying the wife of a defence attache was targeted in a terror attack, the morning bustle seemed to be back at the blast site at Delhi's Aurangzeb Road crossing on Tuesday with the area opened for normal traffic.

Media vehicles were the only indicator of Monday's incident. Broadcast vans were parked close to the blast site and next to the nearby Tughlaq Road police station even as daily commuters went their way.

Police that had cordoned off the area at night were virtually absent from the scene. Barricades had been removed and regular traffic was back on the road.