New Delhi: Following the killing of al-Qaeda terrorist group’s second-in-command al-Libi in US drone attacks in Pakistan, US defence secretary had on Wednesday made it clear to Pakistan that such attacks on al-Qaeda will continue for the safety and security of the US citizens. After the drone attacks, Pakistan sought apology from the US and summoned the US Charge d'Affaires Richard Hoagland who was responsible for the attacks in Pakistan.

While responding to a question about US drone strikes in Pakistan, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, who is presently on a two-day visit to India, said, “They remain threats. And we have made it very clear that we're going to deal with those threats, wherever they are.”

Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain John Kirby reiterated the same at his daily news conference.
"Senior leaders of al-Qaeda, period, no matter where they are, by virtue of what they choose to do for a living are threats to our security, the security of the American people, and the security of our friend s and allies around the world," Kirby said.

While confirming the news of death of al-Qaeda’s second leader al-Libi, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "I can tell you that our intelligence community has intelligence that leads them believe that al-Qaeda's number two leader is dead," Carney said amidst news reports that al-Libi died in a US drone strike in Pakistan.

"Removing leaders like al-Libi from the top of al-Qaeda is part of the effort of the Obama Administration to defeat and dismantle the terror network," Carney said.


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