"It is more of a law and order problem. So many thefts take place in temples as well but the hindu society does not blame any other religion and does not take any political mileage out of it," VHP joint general secretary Surendra Jain told reporters here.

He alleged that hue and cry is being created by the church to gain "sympathy" of the world as well as to collect money based on that sympathy.

"Church earlier as well has tried to connect their local issues and law and order problem with hindus outfits...Tried to take political milage, gain sympathy in the world through it and collect money.

"They are doing the same thing now. Apart from Congress, whenever any other government is formed, the church has been labelling such allegations and this is the part of the political conspiracy," Jain alleged adding that it was always convenient for the churches to blame hindu outfits for anything that happens anywhere in the country.

Asked about Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari's appeal to muslims to vote for AAP in Delhi elections, Jain said most of these people conduct their "unsecular" activities in the name of secular.

"When one Baba asked people to vote for BJP then a big issue was created. But when Bukhari is saying this, then people are taking it normally," he said.

About VHP's plans for Valentine's Day, he said VHP is not opposed to love as the entire hindu tradition is based on it.

"But in the name of love, there would an exhibition of vulgarity or desire, we are not in that favour. We are not in favour of tradition of violence as well.

"We are enlightening the society on this issue...Who was Valentine? This is the game of multinational companies whose products gets sold through this. For us everyday is a day of love. I dont think any one day should be declared as day of love. This is the tradition of the West," he said.

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