Attari Border: With increasing demand of Indian vegetables in Pakistan, the war over export of tomato and soyabean has started on the Attari border. Around 450 trucks loaded with tomatoes and soyabean are ready to cross the border, but the conflict over which one to be sent first is proving as a hindrance. 

Since the traders of both the food items are arguing on the durability of their products, the matter has reached to the Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar, Rajat Agrawal.

The traders of tomatoes and soybeans are from Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Moradabad, Ahmedabad, Kanpur and one of the few cities of Punjab. Cashing on the situation, Pakistan is also giving less passage to the trucks.

To add more to the woes of Indian truckers, there is merely a single route on the border. In such a condition, out of 150 trucks only 116 trucks were allowed to go to the neighbouring country.

Similarly in Pakistan also, hundreds of trucks loaded with gypsum (stone dust) are facing the same problem. Due to the lack of custom area in Pakistan, the movement of trucks across the border has been disrupted.

At a time when 150-200 trucks are crossing the border on a daily basis, there are 1000 trucks in total (both in Pakistan and India) waiting to cross the border.

(JPN/ Bureau)