Delhi people have gone to many extents to have a better environment including investing on expensive air purifiers but sometimes it is more important to focus on the very basic things.

Here are seven ways to curb pollution on an individual level:

1. A big 'NO' to industries: Strict restrictions on setting up of industries in residential areas or even in the vicinity.

2. Check automobile exhaust check: Always ensure that your vehicle has a pollution verified certificate. Keep a check on exhaust emissions.

3. Energy efficient appliances: Use energy star products which are energy efficient for heavy appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines as they are both environment and pocket friendly.

4. Trees everywhere: Plant more tree saplings   if you have enough open space near your house which will help reduce pollution.

5. Problem of space? Green plants: People living in flats can grow plants in their balconies which will ensure some greenary in and around the house.

6.  No burning near house: Do not burn dried leaves and other green waste, Instead bury them in a compost pit.

7. Tobacco free zone: Avoid smoking in houses and pubic areas.

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