The attack on Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is yet another glaring example of growing audacity of elements who are resorting to violence to hog the limelight. Spurt in such activities are not the signs of a comfortable-normal scenario. It is more worrisome that miscreants performing such tactics are successful in showing their audacity. Is it for the fact that they are given more publicity than required or there is none to check their menace or maybe the fear of police-law no longer exists for them?  Such activities not only raise finger over the security arrangements but also underline the growing intolerance in the Indian society. The person who slapped Sharad Pawar had made an attempt to attack former Union Minister Sukhram barely four days back. It is hard to understand why was he easily let off the hook last time? If it was not possible to send him to jail, what deterred the authorities to keep a vigil on him? During the attack on Sharad Pawar, he was equipped with a sharp edged weapon. Therefore, the attack could have been more lethal in nature. If a Union Minister can be attacked in the national capital before TV cameras, then how can one justify the claims that it is not a matter of security breach? From every aspect, it is a serious matter of breach of security. It is also an issue related to the callous attitude of the police, as it took around 30 minutes for the Men-in-Khaki to arrive at the spot. Besides the police, others will also have to come forward to make a strong statement that such activities will not be tolerated at any cost. 

Reactions were bound to pour in from all quarters to protest the attack on Sharad Pawar, but the manner in which they came is not a healthy sign for the country. It was not right that after getting the news, supporters of Sharad Pawar blocked the traffic movement and created chaos at several places in Maharashtra. One fails to understand the motive behind such kind of repercussion? Mayhem in response to chaos is not a solution to the issue. People claiming themselves as supporters of Sharad Pawar should have expressed their protest in a peaceful and restrained manner. It is highly disappointing that alike the supporters of Sharad Pawar, the reaction of several politicians reflected signs of incontinence. Slamming the attack on Pawar, the politicians did not fail to cash in on the opportunity to target their political rivals. The statement of politicians from different political parties that there is no place for such activities in a democracy is justified, but trying to exploit the situation for political benefits cannot be termed a right move. One should not arrive to the conclusion that the attack on Sharad Pawar is an outcome of the public anger on inflation and corruption. This incident is a result of attacker’s cynicism and the lapses in security arrangements. Politicians should refrain themselves from interpreting the attack as per their likings. Simultaneously, it should not be assumed that people are not annoyed on issues like inflation and corruption. Failure to check inflation and corruption has definitely baffled the masses, but they cannot be ranked alongside those people who are taking up violent means to grab the attention.